The Cobat Statute defines an organisational structure based on the following corporate bodies.


The Shareholders' Meeting, made up of all the Consortium members, elects the Chairman of the Consortium, the members of the Board of Directors and appoints the members of the Board of Auditors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is vested with powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Consortium.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee carries out the acts and operations of ordinary administration and prepares the final and financial statements to be submitted to the Board of Directors, setting the criteria and parameters of the operating procedures.

Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors exercises the Consortium’s audit function.

Composition of the Management Board


Dott. Ing. Giancarlo MORANDI

Chief Executive Officer

Dott. Guido BORZONI

Deputy Chairmen

Dott. Riccardo BORZONI
Dott. Tommaso CAMPANILE
Dott. Giuseppe COLOMBO
Dott. Nicolò GASPARIN
Dott. Roberto LUNARDI
Dott. Ing. Luciano MORELLI


Avv. Francesco ANGLANI
Dott. Danilo BARDUZZI
Dott.ssa Paola BERTANI
Dott. Giuseppe COLOMBO
Dott. Claudio DODICI
Dott. Ing. Vincenzo FRANZA
Dott. Giovanni GRAZZINI
Dott. Annibale GRIECO PULLÈ
Dott. Enrico GUERRA
Dott. Salvatore GURRIERI
Dott. Fabrizio MONACO
Dott. Stefano SOPRANZI
Dott. Alfredo VOLPI

Composition of the Board of Auditors


Prof. Maurizio PATERNÒ

Statutory Auditors

Dott. Roberto CANESI
Avv. Oliviero PERNI

A team full of skills and professionalism.

The Rome Executive Center coordinates the entire network of partners distributed nationally. It is composed of a team of professionals with transversal skills, available to Producers/Importers, Companies and Public Administrations to meet their needs with targeted and customized solutions.

Composition General Management

Composition Operational Management