Cobat "makes system" for the diffusion of the circular economy.

There are numerous partnerships launched by the Consortium to "create a system" in a sector, such as the circular economy, whose potential needs constant stimuli and impulses from all the operators involved.

Cobat is a member of the National Council of the Green Economy which, through the organization of the States General, is a forum for discussion and initiative of 66 business organisations to support a new orientation of the Italian economy and create solid opportunities for sustainable development.

The Consortium is also one of the founding members of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, founded on the initiative of Companies, associations of companies and sustainability experts that aim to promote the development of the green economy in Italy and the Circular Economy Network for the spread of the circular economy.

Cobat is also a member of the Motus-E Board of Directors and chairs the E-MOB Promoting Committee for the Development of Electric Mobility. He collaborates with the main Research Institutes and Universities.

Cobat has been internationalising for years.

The possibility of having a single supra-national referent is presented as a particularly effective solution for large multinational companies because, relying on a single entity in Europe to comply with the end-of-life rules of its products, solve the problem of having to identify for each country an interlocutor.

The first experience took place in 2015 with the entry of Cobat in WEEELABEX, the European association of WEEE collection systems. In 2017 Cobat also signed a partnership agreement with WEEELOGIC, the European hub for end-of-life management of spent batteries and accumulators and WEEE. Also in 2017, Cobat decided to join EUCOBAT, the European association of collection systems for batteries and accumulators. In January 2020, the entry of Cobat RAEE into WEEEFORUM, the largest international association of systems for the management of WEEE.

Cobat is also one of the founders of Reneos, a European cooperative company established on 19 January 2020 that stands as the sole supranational interlocutor for battery manufacturers for electric and hybrid vehicles. Reneos is the result of cooperation between the five largest operators in Europe in the end-of-life battery sector: Batteryretur (Norway), Bebat (Belgium), Cobat (Italy), Gemeinsames Rücknahme (Germany) and Stibat (Netherlands). Through this capillary operating system, the company is able to manage the collection, logistics, storage and recycling of batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles in several European countries.