Cobat is a service platform for the circular economy.

Cobat guarantees an efficient collection, storage and recycling of any type of waste and it offers to companies a wide range of services that enhance and support their choice to be the protagonists of the circular economy. Thanks to three dedicated consortia, the Cobat System ensures the correct end-of-life management of the products put on the market , the indemnification of the principle of extended responsibility for waste management and it ensures the best standards of environmental sustainability.

Consortium for the management of waste batteries and accumulators

Consortium for the management of WEEE (waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

Consortium Company for the management of End-of life Tyres

Cobat helps companies to grow according to sustainable development.

Because only if you take into account the needs of our ecosystem you can set in motion a virtuous circle that brings benefits not only to the environment, but also to the entire national economic system.

Our keywords are listed below:


Over 30 years of experience in waste management.

A tailor-made solution

Integrated and customized services for companies.

Circular Economy

We create value, driven by transparency, efficiency and sustainability.


Indemnification for the Enterprises.

Cobat is the Italian platform for circular economy.

Cobat was created to make companies and public administration the protagonists of sustainable development that brings benefits not only to the environment, but also to the entire national economic system.

Cobat aims to create a virtuous circle by reducing waste and generating new raw materials from a circular economy perspective.

The values that distinguish Cobat:


Only a transparent end-of-life management of products can trigger a virtuous path.


Cost optimization and scheduled withdrawals according to the proximity principle are the cornerstones of a platform which through efficiency creates added value.


Cobat’s activities are doubly sustainable: for the environment, because they are in line with the best waste management standards, and for the economy, because they create value.